What will the next decade look like for treasury leaders?

In the current environment more is expected from the treasury and finance functions than ever before. Treasurers provide advisory services; they help influence the business, they manage the unstable risk picture while try to help underpin company growth. They must be experts of change, specialists in multiple technologies and intelligence coordinators. All this on top of their daily job.

Join us to hear how senior treasures and finance directors are delivering a vision that creates new value for their business. Be inspired by fresh ideas, engage with experts and connect with your peers.

This year’s Treasury in Housing Conference and Exhibition will cover:

  • Cash and liquidity management in a negative interest rate environment.
  • Stress testing treasury strategies for robustness and flexibility.
  • Alternative funding options and new equity structures.
  • Early adopter findings from ESG and Impact investment.
  • Treasury leadership through the pandemic and beyond.
  • Property securitisation and charging.
  • Treasury strategies to manage rising fire safety and energy efficiency costs and to finance future commitments.

What happened in 2020?

Our second ever virtual event, Treasury in Housing 2020 was a comprehensive journey through the challenges the sector is facing now and will face in the future.

If you weren't able to join us, Paul Rickard, event chair, has written the below summary.

About the event
This event was a trip from the macro through to the micro, starting with the fact that we are entering the worst recession for 311 years and possibly longer, a universal acceptance that this will impact our young and lower wage customers disproportionately, and an equal acceptance that we cannot know the impact this will have on inflation, interest rates, or taxation though we can have a strong hunch on the latter. This means increased uncertainty for our customers and our treasury and finance teams.

It was a day of passion from people committed to delivering social and affordable homes at a time when they are desperately needed, a demand that looks set to increase as a result of the current environment but a challenge that the sector can and will unite to overcome.
Paul Rickard, Treasury in Housing 2020 event chair
Chief Financial Officer